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Our mission is to provide a model for America, where Reason, Respect and Responsibility drive our conversations.

Who We Are

Bridging Minds Collective (BMC) is an online, women-led organization that promotes civil political communication between all people. We believe learning the skills for healthy communication needs a place on the internet, and we’ve created it.

My name is Sara Goff, and I founded Bridging Minds Collective in July of 2019. I’m a mom, an author, and I run a nonprofit that supports a few of our world’s poorest schools while encouraging the students to express themselves through writing.

Human beings are created to be heard and to listen, and this is our focus at BMC. We stand against the political divide that is silencing us and undermining the strength of our country. It’s not about changing minds, but building bridges between our unique experiences in order to move forward as the democratic republic that America is and was created to be.

We discuss the political and social issues that affect our lives — all people — as well as our children’s lives one day. Working together, by building bridges across party lines, we can unite America!

Sign Up to follow us here and join our private discussion group on Mighty Networks: Bridging Minds. We’re sponsor-free and do not have political ties to one party.

Why Women?

Women are global influencers and Bridging Minds is our home base. From policy-making to peace-seeking, we cut through the negativity and work together for a new way of communicating that builds upon our political and cultural differences, our uniqueness, and our strengths.

As a women’s group, we certainly welcome the advice, perspectives, and experience of men. From the words of Susan Faludi, Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, “I don’t see how you can be a feminist and not think about men. In order for women to live freely, men have to live freely, too. Being a feminist opens your eyes to the ways men, like women, are imprisoned in cultural stereotypes.”

Stand With Us!

We are petitioning for UNITY in AMERICA. Sign up with our secure form and together we will show our leaders and the media that Americans need to talk to one another in order to understand our differences, that we DO NOT want to be a divided nation, and that they’re doing a disservice to us all by not recognizing the common ground we share.

Women make up 50.8% of our population. If we show them we’re united in numbers, they’ll listen!

American Profiles

Contribute a Profile Piece (any length) on what America means to you, on what most shaped your political identity growing up, or on any slice of American life that is personal to you and might inspire a new appreciation for our country in others. Feel free to be creative!

Perspective Pieces

Calling all bloggers and professionals! We publish Perspective Pieces on topics that affect every aspect of our lives and our kids’ lives, too. We offer advice and unique perspectives on topics that span the political spectrum, influence our social behavior, and impact our family-life.

Our Private Group

Can you imagine Republicans and Democrats – liberals and conservatives – getting together to talk politics?

We’ve been told it’s impossible, but we’re proving it can be done. With a commitment to the facts and the desire to put respect for others before our emotions, we’re changing the nature of politics from accusatory to proactive, thinking about what we can accomplish when we listen to one another.

Every conversation counts.

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What is your political identity?

Are you able to describe your personality in one word alone? Does that one word apply to you in every situation? Do you make life-altering decisions based on who you are according to that word? We think not, and it shouldn’t be that way in politics, either.

Working together is the answer, and building bridges across party lines is how we’re taking action to unite America!

The Bridging Minds woman is seeking a broader understanding of politics, and she understands why, now more than ever, it’s important to be engaged and informed.

Our Voice

Women of Bridging Minds are changing the current toxic political climate by discussing the tough topics with Reason, Respect, and a Responsibility for our words. As we gain the attention of our leaders and show them that we can put people before the parties that divide us, we start to create a larger, healthier middle-ground.

Above all, we appreciate that America is a country of different opinions, races, religions, and social and economic backgrounds–and we’re taking decisive action to show that we can respectfully work together.

How to be involved. What to say. Join Us!

The BMC Pledge & Profile Questions

The BMC Pledge

  • I believe a more politically united America is possible, and I will do my part to engage with Responsibility, Reason, and Respect.
  • I will hold myself Responsible for my words. Freedom of Speech, to me, means opening up dialogue, rather than shutting it down.
  • I will Reason to the best of my ability by listening to opposing views, checking my facts and sources, and striving to understand all sides of an issue.
  • I Respect that Americans have different backgrounds and views and will agree to disagree when I can’t find common ground.

The Short Version of What We Teach Our Children

  • I will speak to others the way I would like to be spoken to.

  • I will listen before I speak.

  • Not everyone wants to play the same game or be on the same team. That’s OK.

Profile Questions

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